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Category Archives: working mothers syndrome

Just Another Manic Monday. But on Tuesday.

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You know those mornings when you've totally got your shit together?  Those mornings when you've made your kids breakfast, packed lunch boxes, showered, coffee'd, checked your email and picked out your work clothes (in your head) all between 6 and 7am?  Yeah.  The amount of productivity that can happen in that hour is fucking astounding. And then ...

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Ballad of a Working Mom

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My seven year old threw up a little this morning.  In the street.  On the walk to school. "Honey, what just happened?  Are you ok?" Goddammit.  Couldn't he have thrown up yesterday or Monday?  I could have easily worked from home either of those days.  In fact I DID work from home Monday...and I fucking left work ...

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Jeez, Marissa and Sheryl. You two are killing me.

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My job is cahrazy.  I love it, but it's nuts.  It could easily take an 80 hour bite out of my week.  But I have this other thing going on.  It's called my family.  Who, ironically, I also love. Let's consider that for a moment. I am a working mother. A career-driven, upper middle class, highly educated, working ...

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An entire day elapses between the time I wake up and the time I arrive at work. I call it the working mom time warp.

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This morning I was on my "A" game.  This means I'd packed my boys lunch, set out their breakfast, and gotten myself showered all before 7am. Impressive, right? See, we had be ready to leave by 7:35 to meet with my 7 year old's teachers at 7:45 because he keeps getting tattled on and this one kid ...

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Is There a Place Where Working Moms Can Buy Some Time? (This is a literal question.)

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Anyone know where I could purchase an extra 14 hours a week?  (I mean, really, I could use a whole extra day, but I don't wanna come off as selfish.). See, with an extra 14 hours (translating as 2 additional hours a day), I could totally be a better person.  I could be nicer, more ...

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