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Category Archives: parenting

Working Mom Mornings

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Yesterday, I had an amazing morning with my kids.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the boys made their own breakfasts and lunches.  I showered.  We made it to school drop off early after having skipped all the way there... Oh, wait.  Upon re-reading the paragraph above, I'm remembering something... Yeah.  NONE of that happened. The ...

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He Can’t Possibly Be Six.

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Liji Bear,  You turned 6 over a whole month ago, but I couldn't get it together to write you a birthday letter until now.  The delay is partly because I can't wrap my mind around the fact that you're such a big boy.  It's also because, well, ...

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Dear Sydney, Two weeks ago, you turned eight. It's taken me about that long to accept that the big boy who's standing in front of me, is the baby who, on January 21, 2006, had no intention of leaving my body of his own volition. You tell me ...

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Just Another Manic Monday. But on Tuesday.

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You know those mornings when you've totally got your shit together?  Those mornings when you've made your kids breakfast, packed lunch boxes, showered, coffee'd, checked your email and picked out your work clothes (in your head) all between 6 and 7am?  Yeah.  The amount of productivity that can happen in that hour is fucking astounding. And then ...

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Best Lecture ever to give to your kids on the way to school

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(This is sure to win me awards and you too if you follow my directions and use my exact words.  In order for this lecture to be most effective, carve out 5 whole minutes during a transition period - like right before bed or on the way to play date.  Or, if you're awesome, give ...

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